PAWS Canine Mayoral Race 2020

PAWS of Coronado is excited to announce the 2020 Canine Mayoral Election!  This bi-annual event raises funds to help cover medical care for the animals at PAWS.  The fundraiser kicks off February 10, 2020 when applications are available for hopeful “caninedidates.”

PAWS is calling all local four legged Paw-liticians with something to say.  Applications will be accepted through February 28.  Campaigning begins March 1 and voting takes place April 1-30.  The inauguration will take place in the beginning of May (exact date TBA).  To qualify, all of the caninedidates must be residents of Coronado or have been adopted from PAWS of Coronado, see additional information in application.  All applications must be submitted online or delivered to the Coronado Animal Care Facility (1395 First Street).

The winner will serve as Coronado’s Canine Mayor for a two year term, runner ups will be members of the Canine City Council.  All participants are welcome to join PAWS in the annual Fourth of July Parade and other PAWS activities!