BIG NEWS from the City of Coronado. At the City Council meeting on June 16, 2020, Coronado City Council agreed to take over CALTRANS state routes 75 and 282, clearing the way for the city to dictate and control the traffic flow and closure of roads when needed or desired.  Approving the state highway relinquishment is an amazing development!

Press Release – City of Coronado

State Highway Relinquishment: After a lengthy period of evaluation, the City Council agreed to accept the relinquishment of state Routes 75 and 282. The California Department of Transportation has for years requested that the City consider taking over SR 75 and 282. On Tuesday, June 16, the City accepted Caltrans’ offer of a $22 million one-time lump sum payment.  The City will take the $22 million and an internal transfer of $9.3 million to form a new fund that will be used to provide the necessary ongoing maintenance of the highways in perpetuity. The move will allow Coronado to have more control in the operation of the roadways to better represent the interests of Coronado’s residents and business community. The agreement does not include the San Diego-Coronado Bridge complex but does include:

  1. SR 75 from Glorietta Boulevard near the toll plaza to Tulagi Road at the Naval Amphibious Base;
  2. SR 75 from Tulagi Road to the Coronado city limits at Imperial Beach; and
  3. SR 282 from Orange Avenue to, and including, the 300 block of Alameda Boulevard.

The relinquishment agreement may go into effect as early as January 2021. The California legislature and governor will need to approve a related bill and, in parallel, the California Transportation Commission will need to approve the relinquishment. Once formalized, the City would immediately take control of the roadways and treat them in the same manner as the City’s current inventory of more than 40 roadway miles.