Emerald Read, Dr. Stephen Palumbi, Director of Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station to Speak Thursday

Emerald Read - Dr Stephen Palumbi

Emerald Keepers is pleased to present an evening with author and Director of Stanford University”s Hopkins Marine Station on Thursday evening (July 16) at 7:00pm. Dr. Palumbi will discuss his book, The Death and Life of Monterey Bay – A Story of Revival. You do not have to have read the book to join the webinar. Co-authored with Carolyn Sotka, the book has something for everyone: history, ecology, activism, hope, and change. Palumbi and Sotka tell the story of the recovery of Monterey Bay. Parallels can be drawn between the individuals and small groups who worked to save Monterey Bay and our Emerald Keepers who work to make our community more sustainable and care for our marine environments. His book is available at the Coronado Public Library and for pur­chase at Bay Books.

Dr. Palumbi has been featured on Today, TED Talks, BBC series The Future is Wild and the History Channel’s World Without People. Other recent films appearances include The End of the Line, and the Canadian Broadcasting series One Ocean. Major work continues on the microdocumentary project, the Short Attention Span Science Theater. Steve’s band, Sustainable Soul, has several songs out, including Crab Love and The Last Fish Left.

Visit EmeraldKeepers.org for the link for tomorrow’s webinar.