Navy LEAPFROGS Jump Over Coronado

Look skyward at 2:00pm over Glorietta Bay for the Navy LEAPFROGS, celebrating 4th of July on Coronado.

Navy LEAPFROGS to jump over Glorietta Bay on the Fourth of July at 2:00PM.  
The Leap Frogs are based in San Diego and perform aerial parachute demonstrations around the nation in support of Naval Special Warfare and Navy recruiting. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kelsey L. Adams/Released)

Coronado 4th of Coronado 2020 Cancelled

Coronado 4th of Coronado 2020 Cancelled

Coronado 4th of Coronado 2020 Cancelled! Still hard to believe Coronado isn’t going to have a true Coronado 4th of July celebration this year.  For more information go the City of Coronado WEBSITE. Crowds are still expected in town, so be safe, practice social distancing and wear a mask when you do venture out. Have a nice weekend….

coronado 4th of july

Fourth of July 2020

Fourth of July 2020

From the City Manager’s Weekly Newsletter…..

Fourth of July 2020:  The City reminds the community that the traditional Fourth of July celebrations in Coronado have been canceled due to the pandemic. This does not mean, however, that Coronado  will be empty. On the contrary, the City is preparing for the long holiday weekend and expected large crowds. Beaches and parks are open and parking restrictions have been lifted. Restaurants and hotels have reopened with restrictions. It is not business as usual but still visitors are expected.  The Fourth of July falls on a Saturday but the holiday is observed on Friday, July 3. Many City facilities will be closed but some will be open with limited hours. There are some events being planned that the City is monitoring and certain City facilities will be open throughout the three-day weekend.

Fourth of July 2020 City of Coronado Schedule

Fourth of July Schedule

Go to: City Manager’s Weekly Report

North Island History

North Island History

North Island History 

To Citizens of Coronado – 
In order to give employment to Beach residents during the Spring and coming Summer, the Coronado Beach Company have decided to allow selected portions of North Island cleared of firewood. The Company will set aside certain ground for the exclusive use of any resident who desires to devote time to cutting wood, and after the wood is cut will furnish team to haul same to market or residence, dividing equally the quantity cut. If the party desires to sell the wood In San Diego, the Company will furnish team, wagon and driver, and divide the proceeds. A good day’s work should secure a cord, which sells at $8 in San Diego.

Apply to T. J. Seeley, G avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets, or at Company’s office.

E. S. Babcock, Jr. President

This article of North Island history was printed in the June 21, 1890 edition of the Coronado Mercury – Newpaper archives of the Coronado Public Library. 

State Highway Relinquishment

State Highway Relinquishment

BIG NEWS from the City of Coronado. At the City Council meeting on June 16, 2020, Coronado City Council agreed to take over CALTRANS state routes 75 and 282, clearing the way for the city to dictate and control the traffic flow and closure of roads when needed or desired.  Approving the state highway relinquishment is an amazing development!

Press Release – City of Coronado

State Highway Relinquishment: After a lengthy period of evaluation, the City Council agreed to accept the relinquishment of state Routes 75 and 282. The California Department of Transportation has for years requested that the City consider taking over SR 75 and 282. On Tuesday, June 16, the City accepted Caltrans’ offer of a $22 million one-time lump sum payment.  The City will take the $22 million and an internal transfer of $9.3 million to form a new fund that will be used to provide the necessary ongoing maintenance of the highways in perpetuity. The move will allow Coronado to have more control in the operation of the roadways to better represent the interests of Coronado’s residents and business community. The agreement does not include the San Diego-Coronado Bridge complex but does include:

  1. SR 75 from Glorietta Boulevard near the toll plaza to Tulagi Road at the Naval Amphibious Base;
  2. SR 75 from Tulagi Road to the Coronado city limits at Imperial Beach; and
  3. SR 282 from Orange Avenue to, and including, the 300 block of Alameda Boulevard.

The relinquishment agreement may go into effect as early as January 2021. The California legislature and governor will need to approve a related bill and, in parallel, the California Transportation Commission will need to approve the relinquishment. Once formalized, the City would immediately take control of the roadways and treat them in the same manner as the City’s current inventory of more than 40 roadway miles.

Jacaranda Trees across Coronado

Jacaranda Trees across Coronado

jacaranda treesJacaranda trees across Coronado are blooming beautifully around town. Commonly know as the Jacaranda aka Jacaranda mimosifolia, these trees are a source of wonder during their blooming period.  The lavender color of the flowers is unusual, especially brilliant under “June Gloom” skies.

Jacaranda trees grow well in USDA Zones 9-11. They prefer enriched sandy, well-drained soils but are tolerant of most soil types. This tree tolerates some shade, but prefers bright, sunny conditions for a more productive bloom. Once the tree is established, it is fairly drought-tolerant.  Jacaranda trees are native to Central America, South America, Cuba, Hispaniola and the Bahamas.   Although these trees can naturalize in more tropical environments (they are considered invasive in South Africa!), they are not prone to reproducing naturally in California due to the drier conditions.  Jacarandas grow up to 50 feet and live as long as 150 years.

We have Kate Sessions to thank for these beautiful trees.  She is credited with introducing them to San Diego.

The City of Coronado’s Approved  Street Tree List has the jacaranda listed in the Restricted Use category which requires approval to plant.  Well worth the extra effort! You might hear complaints about this tree being so messy but there is a trade-off.  The trees canopy and carpet of purple flowers under the tree make this one is definitely worth the hassle of a sticky mess for a few weeks.  The leaves fall of in early spring and return after the blooming cycle.  The flowers have a very light scent.

There is something magical about a carpet of purple/lavender flowers freshly fallen.  Cresting the bridge on the way back to the Crown City, the faint spots of purple color visible from blooming Jacaranda trees across Coronado is a special bonus.

jacaranda trees leave a carpet of purple under the tree   jacaranda trees are timely and classic in Coronado

a handsome jacaranda tree makes a statement in front of this house

Here are some info links:
San Diego Zoo
San Diego Botanic Garden
University of California Cooperative Extension

Coronado Public Library Open for Business

Coronado Public Library Open for Business

The Coronado Public Library has resumed its street-side book drops for returns and curbside pickup services last week. The numbers show how popular our Library is especially during this time. Since May 11, when service resumed, a limited staff of Library employees, with other projects underway, has taken 1,184 calls and checked out 7,096 items. Before the pandemic and the Library closed, staff checked out about 1,000 items a day. Still, the number is large for being closed to the public. The Library has created a flier with all the steps for checking out books using its curbside service.

Curbside Flier

UPDATES from the City of Coronado

Memorial Day Closures

From the City of Coronado:

Memorial Day Holiday: The City of Coronado will observe the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 25. Public Services crews will not sweep streets on the holiday. EDCO will not perform regular residential trash collection on Memorial Day. See the schedule below for any services that will remain open with varying hours of operation:

Mem Day Sked

Virtual Memorial Day Ceremony

Virtual Memorial Day Ceremony

Memorial Day Ceremony:  The annual Memorial Day Ceremony at Star Park has been canceled this year. However, the local sponsors – Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2422, Coronado Post; United States Navy League, Coronado Council; Military Officers Association Of America, Silver Strand Chapter; and Marine Corps League, Coronado Detachment – and the City of Coronado are working to produce a special videotaped program of the Memorial Day Ceremony that can be viewed on Coronado TV (Spectrum 19/AT&T 99) on Memorial Day, May 25, at 10 a.m. It will be replayed in the weeks following the holiday.